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Adventures of the American Pika

Folgert Studio is producing an exciting wildlife film about the American Pika (Ochotona princeps). Their belief is that storytelling is the secret to teaching and learning.

Why a film about the American Pika? The American pika is a fascinating little creature - a cute, small animal with a big personality. Not only have they adapted to living in environments where most other mammals do not venture to go, they appear to be comfortable in the cooler, rocky and treacherous slopes of mountains. In some parts of the Rocky Mountain west, researchers are noticing pika populations are disappearing, based on historical records.

Their goal is to complete this beautiful film about the American pika in order to help raise awareness and encourage conservation of these arduous individualists. They would also like to spread scientific literacy, knowledge, scientific findings, and current trending pika research. Our core belief is to respect the wild animals and the places they call home.

Check out their web site: www.FolgertStudio,com

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